Finding my love ❤️ for sketching:

There is no doubt 2020 was a rough year for a lot of people and because I was stuck at home, I suddenly had more time to play games (yay!). Here’s my love letter to the games that got me through the good, the bad, and the ugly of 2020; they will forever have a special place in my heart.

Animal Crossing: New Horizons

I had never been a fan of the Animal Crossing franchise, I’ve always been more of a “Sims” type of player. However, two of my friends hyped it up and convinced me…

Sketching is one of the many important skills UX designers should refine. UX Sketching has various meanings, but for the sake of this article, it’s meant to show how we can illustrate ideas, concepts, journeys, maps, personas, and flows used in our design process. It’s not limited to just only how an interface could look like — it’s covering every piece of the user experience.

I should emphasize that sketching is not drawing, illustrating, nor creating high-fidelity or fully-polished renderings. …

Let it be known that I love sticky notes. Probably cliché for a UX designer to say that, but hey, stereotypes exist for a reason.

I use sticky notes every day, I use them at work and at home. They’re my go-to tool for taking notes or sketching out quick ideas as they come to me.

One of the greatest things about sticky notes is that I can easily break different thoughts and ideas — 1 per note. Which allows me to sort them however I need. Once I’m done with a sticky, I can easily crumple it up and…

I’ve been asking myself this question since last year and finally decided to write about it. I thank Pablo Stanley’s post — it was the last nail on this coffin, his doodles are freaking hilarious.

In my search for answers — I didn’t find any particular reasoning as to why this happens…but every so often, there we have it, either a new icon or component named after some sort of food or food-related object. Well, here’s that list that no one asked for 😉.


Create a database to keep documents, examples, and overviews of the different aspects of running an REU site.

Active Website





Successful MVP



If you want to join the fun — sign up at


Quickly mockup or sketch ideas based on the…

During my time at Iowa State, I was approached with an opportunity to build and foster a UX event. I helped co-found ISU’s USABILATHON, the first hackathon-style event focused on usability, with my dear colleagues Alex Lim, Melynda Hoover, and Kaitlyn Ouverson.

My role:

My tasks:




Disclaimer: I’m currently looking at commonalities between some of these games or apps that have been developed. This is just a personal exploration as well as an opportunity to create discussions and keep learning from this wonderful field.

Before diving into these questions, it’s good to establish some background.

HTC Vive (over Oculus ?) -what’s different

Coming from a design background and slowly moving towards a more tech side, there’s a lot of things to consider when choosing an engine to work with when designing for VR (time, learning curve, graphics, potential usage, pros and cons, etc). Here I try to consolidate various articles and form my own understanding of what I think it’s important before taking the plunge and decide between various game engines (and maybe decide on one).

We all know that the biggest names include Unity and Unreal Engine, a lot of developers are already working with one of these (maybe even both)…

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